Airway bill

Airway bill - a set of documents for the transportation of material values for air travel, which consists of three copies (original) and 9 copies (in the event that this is a typical airway bill) or 3 copies and from 6 to 11 copies (including if this is the main airway bill).

Airway bill contains all the data necessary for each of the participants in the transportation of cargo by air. For example, it specifies the name of the sender and receiver of the goods, the carrier, their addresses, the tariff for the delivery of products. It also provides graphs checkboxes final recipient of the accuracy of performance guidelines outlined in the document, the fields for entering information about the acceptance of cargo for shipment. Also mandatory in the invoice fixed characteristics of the goods - the weight, dimensions, markings, number, description, instructions on how to load and unload, the stated value of the shipment, information on the payment of fees and the payer.