Transit declaration (T-1)

Transit declaration (T-1) must be accompanied by (in the EEA), all non-European goods (for example, from the United States, Asia, etc.) and cargo coming from European customs warehouses.

Transit declaration T-1 for goods arriving by land is on the border of the EU, if the goods have arrived from outside, or supplier / vendor or agent of the carrier / forwarder - if the goods come from the customs warehouse within the EEC.

For air cargo / cargo reaching the sea, from countries outside the EEA, T-1 is done at the airport / port of entry authorized agent. If the goods shipped by air from an EU country and requires T-1, this declaration must be provided by the sender / supplier or the goods must be accompanied by an air waybill with a special mark.

Transit declaration T-1 is made on the basis of invoices and packing lists.