Bill of lading, sea waybill

Shipping documents (and also the disposition of the goods!) Are used for maritime transport and transport by sea. Bill of Lading - a document issued by the carrier to the shipper in the receipt of the goods to be transported by sea with the obligation to deliver the goods to the port of destination and hand it lawful holder of the bill of lading.

Since the bill of lading is a document of title and possession according to the usages of the trade is in many ways equivalent to the possession of goods, presentation of the bill of lading usually has the same effects as the delivery of the goods themselves. As a rule, made three or more copies of the Bill of Lading with the same contents and date: for the shipper or freight forwarder to the consignee and cargo.

All copies of the Bill of Lading, constituting the so-called complete set, are originals and are stamped "Original". Document of title is usually only one (the first) of the original bill of lading. Copies of the Bill of Lading are stamped "Copy" or printed on the form, different from the original color. If one copy of the Bill of Lading issued by the goods, then the rest are forfeited.