Regulations for the carriage of animals

Rules that apply to the carriage of import or export of animals (dogs, cats ferrets, birds, exotic and other animals) between Member States of the European Community have been harmonized.

This European regulation (Regulation 998/2003 / These things) entered into force on 1 October 2004. From that date, any animal that crosses the boundaries of the European Community and other States, must adhere to certain requirements.

The total list of required documents for export or import of dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, exotic pets abroad:

1. Electronic identification.

Implanted under the skin of the animal microchip must meet the standard SO11784, SO11785.

Identification of distinct stamp (only until 2011), then the only acceptable method of identification will only be a microchip.

2. The veterinary international passport (photo of the animal if it has reached 1 year).

3. Vaccination against rabies.

Doctor of veterinary medicine makes a mark in the veterinary certificate (the name of the vaccine, signature, stamp, date) after checking the identification of the animal. The validity depends on the applied vaccine and a vaccine can not exceed one year. Vaccination should be carried out in the animal ages of 3 months and not more than 1 month prior to departure. A person who wishes to bring in an animal under the age of 3 months before it needs to know the country of entry, whether it is allowed to enter the country without vaccination.

3.1 Comprehensive vaccination against infectious diseases of dogs, ferrets, cats.

4. Form 1 BET, BET 1 (CIS), a veterinary certificate. Form issued by the State Veterinary Service not earlier than 3 days before the departure of an animal abroad, the certificate issued by the State Service of Veterinary Medicine at the border and transport in 10 days.

5. Certificate of blood test for titration of antibodies to rabies virus Help needed between

4 and 12 months after vaccination against rabies. Studying taken for a blood test should be conducted by an accredited laboratory, and the contents of neutralizing antibodies should be not less than 0.5 IU / ml.6. De-worming and insektoakaritsidnaya animal treatment as evidenced by the level of doctor of veterinary medicine in the veterinary certificate. These procedures should be performed in addition between 48 and 24 hours prior to departure.

7. Information about the fact that the animal is breeding value.

8. licensed animal transport container which is securely locked.

9. Certificate Import