Import customs clearance

Documents required for customs clearance in import mode.

1. Money Order payment of customs duties;

2. The payment order confirming payment for services of a customs terminal;

3. The contract specification, an additional agreement;

4. The original invoice;

5. Certificate of origin (CT-1, if produced in the CIS countries, Form A, etc.);

6. Card Accreditation at customs;

7. Help on the declaration of currency values;

8. The TIR Carnet;

9. Bill of Lading CMR (AWB, bill of lading);

10. Export declaration of the country of origin;

11. Authorization documents (certificate of quality, sanitary-epidemiological conclusion, registration MH, State Standard, etc.) - if necessary;

12. Documents that prove the value and commodity code (price lists, catalogs, technical description, previous conclusions on cost and product code, etc.);

13. Payment order for quarantine inspection, certified in GorGosKarantine.