International pet and animal transportation

Hellion Ukraine offers you international animal transportation services, we transport–  cats, dogs, polecats and exotic animals.

  • Leaving country for a long period of time?
  • Want to take part in an international animal/pet show?
  • Or just don’t want to leave your beloved pet at home?


Hellion Ukraine offers a full range

of animal air transportation services:

Let’s say, you have to transport a dog:

You provide us with the following information:

  • Animal size.
  • Destination.
  • Date of the delivery.

What we do:

  • We customize the best route and offer the most efficient mode of transport.
  • We calculate the optimal cage size, so that an animal can stand, lie down or shuffle around.
  • We create a transparent price for overseas animal transportation from Ukraine.



We will tell you everything about required documents for overseas animal carriage:


  • Passport
  • Certificates
  • Other documents


Mandatory procedures:


  • vaccinations
  • analysis
  • any special treatment

What do you know about airline pet policies?


  1. Airlines do not take into account the weight of the animal. Only volumetric weight of the cage is calculated.
  2. The animal is put into the heated baggage compartment.
  3. The cage is securely immobilized. It must be provided with water, food and a swaddling band.
  4. If the animal has a transfer flight, it will be taken into a special hotel to receive required care. The maintenance is very cautious.

 In order to bring an animal to Ukraine you have to pay tax:

  1. 44% of the cost of animal transportation
  2. The nominal value of the animal – $ 100


Any issues or problems with animal transportation to Europe or any other country in the world, that have worried you, will be easily taken care of by the overseas animal transport department in Hellion Ukraine.

International pet and animal transportation with Hellion Ukraine means:




We offer a full range of additional services:

Cargo insurance.
Сustoms broker.
Forwarding services.
Multimodal transportation – several modes of transport.

Hellion is the only Ukrainian member of the worldwide network of independent carriers “Longman”. We have a branched partnership network all over the world and organize international shipping to any country for optimal price.

If you have an oversized cargo and none of the national airlines agree to carry it?
Not a problem for us!

Our team has irrefutable advantages:

We consult

Every question that you have about cargo delivery will be answered by our staff..

We are in touch 24/7/365

We work every day, without lunch breaks. You can call us anytime.

We are efficient to the maximum

We value every client and work as fast as possible. Your inquiry will be processed within 2 hours.

Low price

We always provide clients with the most favorable offer – the shortest route, best mode of transport. We want our every client to be satisfied.

Still have questions? Ask them to us!

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