Helion Ukraine

International transportation of dangerous goods

We can arrange air transportation of dangerous goods

both within Ukraine and to any country in the world.

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To provide services for the transportation of dangerous goods we:

  • Obtained a special certificate authorizing the transportation of dangerous goods;
  • Know the requirements for transportation and clearance;
  • Carry out transportation in full compliance with legal requirements.

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List of documents required for accreditation of the subject of foreign economic activities at the customs
  1. Charter of the company, amendments to the charter, minutes of the general meeting, decisions (copies certified by a notary), extracts from the minutes of the general meeting (copies certified by the enterprise).
  2. Certificate of state registration of an enterprise / foreign representative office (copy certified by a notary).
  3. Certificate from the Main Department of Statistics (copy certified by a notary).
  4. Certificate of registration of the payer of value-added tax/certificates from the tax authorities that the enterprise is not a payer of VAT/certificate of payment of the single tax (copy certified by a notary).
  5. Certificate of the declaration of currency values.
  6. Certificate of the absence of currency values and property abroad (original, for the current quarter).
  7. Certificate from the bank on the availability of settlement and foreign currency accounts (original).
  8. Order/extract from the decision of the general meeting of participants on the appointment of the chief accountant (a copy certified by the enterprise) or a letter that the staffing table does not provide for the position of the chief accountant (original).
  9. Order on the appointment of persons authorized to work with customs (copy certified by the enterprise).
  10. Copies of passports of the company’s employees (1st, 2nd pages, registration), certified by the company’s seal (directors, chief accountant, persons authorized to work with customs).
  11. Letter with samples of the company’s seals and signatures of persons that will be used at the customs authorities (original).
  12. Documents confirming the ownership or lease of the premises of the legal and actual address of the enterprise (a copy certified by the enterprise).
Do you provide cargo insurance?

Our company provides cargo insurance services to protect you from unexpected losses that may arise during transportation. We select an individual insurance program based on your assignments and provide insurance for almost all types of cargo. You also have the opportunity to insure both separate transportations and regular shipments.