Helion Ukraine

How the “Helion” company works

  • Collecting all information on the cargo To find the best route and cost, we need to know the direction of transportation, weight and type of cargo, the presence of packaging and dimensions of the cargo.
  • Choosing the type of transportation and developing the route In cooperation with the client, we choose the type of transportation and draw up a detailed route.
  • Determining the delivery date and price We determine the date of delivery of the cargo and calculate the optimal cost of transportation.
  • Preparing documents for transportation We prepare all the necessary documents for transportation.
  • Sending and accompanying of the cargo We meet the cargo at the airport and send it along the specified route. We inform the client about the status of transportation and the location of the cargo.
  • Delivery to the client Our agent meets the cargo and accompanies it at all stages until the cargo is delivered to the client.