Helion Ukraine

International transportation of personal effects

  • Delivery at a specified address
  • Guarantee of safety and intact of your cargo
  • Selection of the best option of transportation
  • Compliance with all agreed deadlines
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We offer:

  • Development of an optimum route;
  • Customs clearance and preparation of all permitting documents;
  • Selection of the most suitable mode of transport – sea, land or air;
  • Packing in special materials;
  • Professional loading/unloading;
  • Informing and consulting at every stage of transportation.

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What is an air waybill?

This is a set of documents for the transportation of material values by air, which consists of three original copies and nine copies (if it is a typical air waybill) or three original copies and from 6 to 11 copies (if it is a master air waybill).

Airway bill contains all the data necessary for each of the participants in the transportation of cargo by air. For example, it specifies the name of the sender and recipient of the goods, the carrier, their addresses, the tariff for the delivery of goods. It also provides checkboxes for the final recipient to mark the accuracy of the execution of the instructions indicated in the document, fields for entering information on the acceptance of the goods for shipment.

The air waybill records the characteristics of the goods – its weight, dimensions, marking, quantity, description, instructions on the method of loading and unloading, the declared value of the shipment, information on the payment of fees and the payer.

Do you provide cargo insurance?

Our company provides cargo insurance services to protect you from unexpected losses that may arise during transportation. We select an individual insurance program based on your assignments and provide insurance for almost all types of cargo. You also have the opportunity to insure both separate transportations and regular shipments.