Helion Ukraine

International transportation of high-value cargo

Our company provides services for the international transportation

of high-value goods in compliance with all requirements.

We will deliver your cargo to the specified address safe

and intact.

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Why you can entrust us with the transportation of high-value cargo:

  • Guarantee of safety and intact of your cargo;
  • Organization of professional loading/unloading;
  • Providing insurance for high-value cargo;
  • Informing and consulting at every stage of transportation.

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What is a road consignment note (CMR)?

This is an international consignment note, which is used for the implementation of international trade and, accordingly, is the main and mandatory document for the implementation of international transportation.

A road consignment note is a transport document confirming the existence of an agreement between the carrier and the sender for the road carriage of goods.

For international road transportation, this document must contain the following information:

  •  date of shipment;
  •  name of the cargo to be transported;
  •  name and address of the carrier;
  •  name of the recipient;
  •  estimated delivery time;
  •  the cost of transportation;

The CMR consignment is issued in three copies: the first copy is handed over to the sender, the second is attached to the goods, the third remains with the carrier.

Do you provide cargo insurance?

Our company provides cargo insurance services to protect you from unexpected losses that may arise during transportation. We select an individual insurance program based on your assignments and provide insurance for almost all types of cargo. You also have the opportunity to insure both separate transportations and regular shipments.