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How to transport animals in the hold?

The standards of the International Society of Air Carriers (IATA) regulate the transport of animals in the hold.

Containers for transportation should meet the following parameters:

  1. The size should allow the animal to stand at full height, freely turn around its axis and lie with outstretched paws.
  2. Should be intact, without cracks or damage.
  3. Can be easily transported and moved.
  4. Provide ventilation from at least three sides.

A maximum of two animals of the same species up to 14 kg each can be transported in one container.

Standard container sizes according to IATA standards are the following:

  • IATA1 (48х32х31сm);
  • IATA2 (55х36х35сm);
  • IATA3 (61х40х38сm);
  • IATA4 (71х51х50сm);
  • IATA5 (79х58х60сm);
  • IATA6 (92х64х64сm);
  • IATA7 (104х75х73сm).