Helion Ukraine

Import customs clearance

The list of required documents for customs clearance of goods for import is as follows:

  1. Payment order for payment of customs duties.
  2. Receipt of payment for customs terminal services.
  3. Payment order confirming payment for the services of the customs terminal.
  4. Contract, specification, additional agreement.
  5. Original invoice.
  6. Certificate of origin (CT-1, if produced in the CIS countries, form A, etc.).
  7. Accreditation card.
  8. Certificate of the declaration of currency values.
  9. Carnet TIR.
  10. CMR (AWB, bill of lading).
  11. Export declaration of the country of departure.
  12. Permitting documents (quality certificate, sanitary and epidemiological conclusion, registration at the Ministry of Health, State Standard, etc.) – if necessary.
  13. Documents that confirm the cost and product code (price lists, catalogues, technical description, previous opinions on the cost and product code, etc.).
  14. Payment order for quarantine inspection certified by the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection.